What Can I Do?

The need for this time is for us to resolve our remaining 3rd dimensional issues.

This is occurring at a personal and global/worldly level.


We are resolving issues that were brought about since the time of Atlantis. Not all are necessarily from Atlantis, however they were in embodiment at this same time frame in many other locations within Earth. The amount of global communication and awareness rivals even our time. There are many in embodiment here that are from that period of time. And, due to the karmic lessons we instigated, we are being given a chance to change our way of resolving these lessons. And these same lessons we faced back in those times are coming forth once more for us to resolve. And we resolve these lessons once and for all by bringing balance into the 3rd dimensional situation and transmuting our energies to that of the higher 4th and 5th dimensional reality. We chose to resolve these through a higher more enlightened and positive means. In other words, we are Ascending.

As we cover these same lessons from a more evolved consciousness and with our Divine assistance we’ve been given, our success is a given. The amount of time that that success takes to get integrated is solely up to us, as a whole. For now, more than ever, we are operating and will continue to operate more and more holistically as a people.

Our only issue to resolve is the resistance that we would put that would hinder the flow of this energy that is taking us into these realms much quicker than the average person realizes.

For time as we know it is changing as well. The fluidity of the 3rd dimensional reality will start to have “skips” in the flow. You will get to a location without the need to drive through the “all-to familiar” points. You may feel as if you are certain you will be late for an appointment, only to find that you arrive perfectly on time.

The more we keep in the flow of the new energies and stop resisting them, the more our reality will reflect these newer dimensional abilities that will naturally come about. These will ease us into the fact that we truly are creating every aspect of our reality. And we must start manifesting our “true” desires and joys. This is the only way to keep within the flow of these new energies. Should we instead, chose to live by what society tells us we should be doing, and this not be our “truth”; we will be in full resistance to the new energies. We will be tying up our time with old 3rd dimensional games and we will go nowhere. We must live our true joys and passions. We must be in the loving state of vibration that one attains when one is living their dream come true. Always within the now.

We must always be within the now, not occupying ourselves with past or future. Be in the “know” of how to live life within the 4th and 5th dimensional realms, while in the “now”. In short, be in the know in the now, This is where you experience your highest joys and desires.


The first question everyone asks when they come to this expanded awareness in consciousness is, what may I do to be of assistance or service to this that is occurring? How may I help and participate? However, the answer usually surprises most. Simply because usually they are inspired into action by reading from an author or hearing a lecture by a speaker and realizing that their experience is and does resonate very similar to what they’ve heard or learned. So, naturally they think they will get an affirmation that they should begin speaking, teaching and lecturing and writing to share their experiences. And, this is all fine and good if anyone is so inspired. And I wish them God’s speed on their quest.

However, as a prelude to that, the foremost thing one can and should be doing as the priority in today’s time is to work on their own personal growth, expanded consciousness and awareness and begin in earnest to master ones own emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. The foremost thing that is the top priority for each and every one of us is to focus on mastery within and throughout our own personal reality. And, when we can be the humble living example of that which we seek in others; without the need or desire to impose our own way of life on anyone else, we will have put ourselves well in the position of mastery of our bodies. This will send us as quickly as possible into these higher realms of creation and manifestation. Where we truly operate and live within the higher frequencies of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

As we all gain momentum in these practices, we pave the way for others that their path be obtained more easily. Each helping the next that comes along the way. Until, there is a “zenith” or what is commonly known as the 100th monkey effect. When a certain percentage has gained the momentum of the new reality, the global consciousness of the whole of the peoples is opened to the new reality. Everyone is shifted as it where into this new reality. Presuming, we have obtained a similar frequency. And this is obtained by the true love and desire to be a participant in this new reality.

Much Love, Light, Life and Blessing to Us All


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