Our Timelines Are Changing

We are starting to notice that our histories are diverging. There is much that is being brought forth at this time so that we may transmute the energies into the new Divine Crystalline Grid. As we bring forth those timelines that are being transmuted, we are noticing that each individual is perceiving the timeline in their own way.

Although we as a whole share an agreed upon reality, in which we have a common perceived history or timeline. As we are revisiting these timelines we are now more and more parting or diverging into the appropriate timeline that exists for us. In other words, we are splitting or diverging the timelines once more. 

We all used 2012 as a nexus point in which we merged several different timelines into this nexus point and then began a new, with a fresh start to create as we see fit. Now, we are once more diverging the various timelines for our own chosen path of growth and experience. 

As this process occurs, those that have chosen the ascension path are experiencing reintegration of the past experiences through transmuting those energies into positive and constructive growth. We are becoming more whole. We are integrating more of our Higher-Selves. We are leaving the realm of being led by the physical ego and returning to what we once where, Divine spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

While this is occurring what we begin to notice, if we are open to the process, is that we are picking up "new" historical memories. In other words, we have always been taught that history is a fixed occurrence in the somewhat distant past that doesn't change. And in reality, we are leaving certain timelines that we have transmuted. And in the process we are recalling our "new" memories that are in our "new" history. This is how we change into the most appropriate timeline for us. 

As we ascend, we will be consciously more cognizant of this process. And what this leads to, is the realization that we truly are creating our whole reality. Then, through this realization we truly begin to manipulate the reality, in order to manifest the reality we each truly desire. This my beloved fellow spiritual friends is transitioning into the 5th dimension. 

Our reality is already flowing with all of the light energy we need. We are receiving from many different beings in the universe. They are emitting all of their Divine energies that are assisting in awakening our memories and our abilities. The only responsibility that we have is to keep the flow going without putting our resistance into their energies that are flowing freely to us. We are the only ones that can stop this process by allowing our resistant old energies to override their gifts of higher frequency energies. By the Divinity that we are we can stay in the flow of divine love, harmony, peace and constancy while this occurs. Then we become the solution rather than the one needing a solution. Be ever in the flow of the energies that are being sent out on our behalf by our Divine brothers and sisters.

A truly graceful and loving experience of leaving behind limitation and returning to functioning in the now, through our Divine Higher-Self. Manifesting the most loving, wise and powerful experience that allows us to integrate more of who we truly are. Realizing that we are truly co-creators within Creation. 


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