Power of The Now

Power Within Now

It is from within the now moment that we actually get things accomplished. When we are shown how we expend energy throughout the day with our energy and our thoughts being diverted to some past event that usually was not a pleasant experience. Then we suddenly “snap” out of that thought and end up drifting to what we feel is the next priority in our “future.” All the meanwhile, we have spent zero energy within the now moment living our Divine truth. This is the time-killer that we all end up dealing with.

Live Our Truth Within the Now Moment

And yet, when we truly do transcend these “worrisome” thoughts and live in the now; we find that we can truly live more fully the truth of who we are throughout the whole of our selves. We find that we don’t have time to waste on reliving past memories that we did not resonate with. This can only be accomplished through the now moment. This is where we are when we transmute our misused energies through the use of the Violet Flame. This is where we are when we invoke any of the Sacred Fire energies that are necessary for various reasons.

 When we can be in the now moment and be full of joy, love and harmony; we begin to function within the higher frequencies of the 4th and 5th dimensional realms. And from these higher dimensional realms discord is not a factor. For all of the discordant energies are much lower in frequency. They are merely unable to vibrate at such high frequencies.

The Ascended Masters state that we can achieve such a Divine Harmony within our aura that even those that we consider to be our enemies will find reason to love us. Creation recognizes the loving harmoniously God qualified energies when they are genuine.

 Be Past the Illusion of Fear Through Joy and Harmony

And this cannot take place when there is fear. For the illusion of fear brings one into a very slow and low frequency. When we are in Divine Love, it is impossible to be any were near the state, or frequency of fear. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
Have you ever been frightened by a person pulling a prank on you to scare you? When they disclosed the prank, most of the time we just laugh it off. We transitioned the false fear through joy and laughter.

Love All Life Free and We Will Attain Our Freedom Through Ascension

Being in a state of joy and laughter in order to transmute and transition, works with all things of a discordant nature. We must transmute them through love, joy and yet strong enough to accomplish this through harmony. We must love all life free. All of our misused energies we transmute through loving them free with the Violet Flame. Returning them to their Divine state, as we ourselves are returning to our Divine state.

 The New Time Within the Now

Time as we know it is becoming much more malleable. We are each experiencing more and more of our times very uniquely as individuals. In other words, time may speed by for one, and another that has been within the same “now” moment will feel time being very stagnant. As if time has come to a slow standstill.

And as we become more consciously aware of these states, we may begin to “alter” these times as we see fit. If we choose to have more time in the “now” moment we will. If we would rather prefer that time pass more quickly, we will be able to manifest this more and more. We thus become more of the architect behind our experiences within time.

While this “new” aspect within time is occurring, we are all still participating within the consensus reality. This is yet another example of being within the higher dimensional frequencies of 4th and 5th dimensions. Higher 4th dimension and lower 5th dimension. We are playing with time more fluidly.

We Are Recalling More from Through the Veil

This flexibility of time within the now, is also opening the door to our returning to remembering our sojourns with the Ascended Host at night. And more and more are piercing the veil that has existed for some time. This is allowing us to even commune with these same ones throughout the day. We are all becoming more cognizant of our consciousness and hearts ability to transcend time and space. As we go higher in frequencies, the notion of time and space become less prominent. For we begin transcending time and space as well, as we return to Oneness.

Multidimensional Beings of Light

For in reality we are multidimensional beings of light, that have come here to assist in accomplishing returning Gaia to the Freedom’s Star that is Her Divine calling within Creation. We are realizing more of the energies that we are encountering are coming from other aspects of ourselves that are assisting us from their now moments. This will happen more and more as we return to Oneness. We grow to knowing that we are much grander than we realize. There are aspects of us that we would not know how to handle as of yet. For the Divinity is infinite within as it is without.

Always invoke more Divine Light from our Higher Selves

"Electrons and Rays The electronic light substance that fills the universe is the body of God, and within each electron is a point of light, which is self-conscious and intelligent. From that spark within the electron, there go forth little rays that form the radiation of the electron. Each tiny electron, magnified hundreds of times, looks like the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence with the rays pouring out around it.

The self-conscious lifestream, ascended or unascended, has been given the God-authority to command these tiny electronic particles to take on form, according to the design of the thoughtform created by the power of visualization."

Printz, Thomas. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, Book 5 (Kindle Locations 2055-2060). Ascended Master Teaching Foundation. Kindle Edition.

 We are taught through the Ascended Host that we are to be Masters of energy and frequency. So, when we are in meditation, prayer, any other spiritual pursuit; we should always invoke more Divine Light or electronic light substance of God within all of our four lower bodies.

 Invocation for Divine Electronic Light Substance of God

Beloved God in me that I AM. I invoke as much Divine electronic light substance of God within me, throughout me and around me, as I need. Keep the flow ever continuous and expanding constantly as it is eternally sustained. Let me ever be increasing my amount of and the continuous flow of Divine electronic light substance of God, all the way from the subatomic level, the cellular level, my DNA and all throughout my four lower bodies. Beloved God in me that I AM all that I ask to be done for me, I as to be done for the whole of humanity.

Much Blessings and Love, Light and Life


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