The Ascension Flame

We are given direct guidance from Ascended Master Serapis Bey himself, the Cohan of the 4th Ray. The direction Serapis Bey gives us is on the use of the Ascension Flame.

That Ascension Flame is intelligent, beloved ones, and I have loved it long and loved it well. It can ascend any condition in which you find yourself. It can ascend that condition from limitation into harmony, from distress into peace, from poverty into opulence, from discord into perfection. It is one of the activities of divine alchemy which the student body, for the most part, have not thought about using.

Put The Ascension Flame Into Action Beloved

ASCEND the substance in your worlds, everything and everywhere. I am most willing to help you and most joyous to put it into action. For instance, when you are riding on a trolley car, if that Ascension Flame was placed on every seat, think what it would do for the atomic structure of every person who rode on that trolley car again. A you ask that it be eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever-expanding. One of the angels from Luxor will do that. The same in an airplane, a bus or a private car, or whatever you are using, even the chairs in your home. Streamers from the central flame will flow forth at your call and they are so grateful to be invited! As you have been told time and again, the first activity of the flame—not only the Violet Flame but ALL the flames—is gratitude for being called into action. The first activity of every Hierarch and every Ascended Master at every retreat is gratitude when somebody speaks his name, calls upon his service and asks for radiation to assist him or her.

(Exert from "The Bridge to Freedom Journal" book 4)

All Time Is Now

Realize that we may use these gifts in several ways. Sometimes we get caught up with things that have happened in the past. So, we may use these gifts from the now to heal anything from our past and our present. The Ascension Flame can be used for any point in time that we require.

And even beyond the notion of time, eventually we get to the point of knowing that all stems from the now. In each new moment of now, we are truly a new. And our true power is from the now.

When we truly know that all is now, we will have the full strength behind manifesting using the sacred fires that the Cohan's teach us to use. Also, realize that the Divinity that is within works with the various Angels of each sacred fire to accomplish the result. We are merely the channel by which it is called forth. Thus completing the circle of the Divine Realm and ours.

Always manifesting through Divine Love and in harmony and peace. Through constancy and focused decrees, visualizations and meditative practices we bring about the ascension that we all desire as quickly as we can.

Where Our Attention Is, We Are

Remember, where our attention is our manifestations within Creation exist. Therefore, focus on the divine realm. Picture Heaven on Earth. Speak of the Ascended Host and the representatives of the various Sacred Rays through the Divine Cohan's teachings. Be of the attitude of gratitude as we manifest while creating directly with the Angelic Host, Ascended Host and the Elementals. Give praise and divine love to the animals, birds, salamanders, elves, divas, sylphs and all of those that through their direct divine manifestations, creations and precipitations within, throughout and around our planet allows us to have a divine schoolroom in which we all can ascend.

Do as the Oracle Card says and "Go Now" and let us manifest our Divine Godly Virtues through Divine Sacred Fire energies, ever perfecting the Creation as we co-create as the Ascended Host have taught us.

Ever further perfecting the already perfect Creation that Source, God, Great Spirit, Universal I AM and all other titles the One is known by has given us. Such an honorable and divine position as co-creator within Creation.

Oracle Card Image by Doreen Virtue


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