The Time for Looking Without Is Coming to a Close!

The time for looking without is coming to a close. For in reality, if we look without we are buying an illusion that was not constructed by us. Those that have been influenced by those in power, i.e. the PTB (powers that be), have been working with these PTB’s to limit our knowledge and our abilities. 

As the truth is that we are truly unlimited powerful beings of divine origin. 

However, in order to keep our inherent abilities, we must use these. We must take our power and through use, feed it and grow it with love, peace and harmony. We must be sincere in our self-reflections. Never being harsh with ourselves, rather being kind and understanding to ourselves and our transition that we are succeeding in. 

In today’s time, we must realize that we are creating more and more. As we graduate to creating more of our reality conscientiously, we realize that the truth of what we all desire is a reality that is filled with harmony, peace and divine love. 

If this resonates with us, then the best gift we can give ourselves is a sincere looking within. As a result, we must be looking within to see the “truth” of what and who we are as we are always creating. 

When we look within, we will notice that there are a lot of thoughts and “judgements” that we have that are not necessarily our own truth. 

We as a whole in society, have been programmed by all forms of institutions in education, religion, society, media and entertainment to believe that we are separate and divided within reality. We are constantly being shown the divisions and strife that exists. These lower form thoughts have been magnified and allowed to grow through these various institutions. 

We have been taught that our 3rd density ego is the truth of who we are. This is an illusion that has been perpetuated by those that do not have our best interest at heart. 

Our true thoughts and our true feelings are always divine. Our true thoughts and feelings are always working towards unity and oneness. When we start seeing the reality as complete and whole, with our efforts adding to this whole; we will notice that there is way more that unites us. We are very powerful, loving and wise beings. 

Believe in yourself. For you are divine. For you are love. 
For you are the power of the holy spirit manifest in creation.


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