Where Your Attention Is -There You Are

Where Your Attention Is,There You Are - What Your Attention Is Upon That You Become

When we focus on the “issues” or “problems” that we feel are in our world, we are adding to these in several ways. We have heard the adage, where your attention is, there you are. So, although it is necessary to understand our “issues” and/or “problems”  so that we know why they came about, we do not want to get caught up in magnifying and reliving these. We merely want to transcend and/or transmute them in the most benevolent, divine and lovingly way. 

Sometimes we need to share with others what we feel and what we think, and that is fine to an extent. However, when we feel the need to replay the “story” or “issues” over with each and every friend we have; then we are responsible for magnifying the situation. And as long as we magnify the situation, we have not begun to transcend and/or transmute the situation. 

As always, the best way we show and know that we have transcended the issue is by our ability to recall it. If we find it harder to bring these “issues” to mind, it is because we have moved on. So, what do we do?

The best thing that we can do, is to move on. In this schoolroom of Gaia, there are endless creations that do not serve. Our objective is to transmute all that does not serve, into divine energy that does serve. And the only way to do this is through lovingly putting our attention where we desire our reality to be. We all want harmony, peace, love, compassion and wisdom. Let us focus our attention on these thoughts and feelings and we will be these thoughts, feelings and energies. 

We need to always be focusing on what we desire and how we are desirous of fulfilling all that we desire to the best of our ability. When we are tied up with the good we want, and we are focused on manifesting this, there is no time for the wallowing in our “issues.” This is the way we move on from our old way of being “stuck in a rut.”

The Ascended Host are always pointing this out to us. That we are where our attention is. This is how the Ascended Host stay within perfection. They see Creation as perfect, and their role as Divine. Thus, they’ve transcended our realm of duality. They are beyond viewing reality as merely good and bad.

They have assured us that if they were to keep their minds on the same “issues” that we do, they would be in our realm within fifteen minutes. They never view us as we see ourselves. They would never perceive the reality the way we do. They only see the Divinity in each of us, and the perfection of Creation. They can read our aura as easily as we observe what a person has on for clothing. And they can see all that we need to transmute and work on. And yet, they only focus on the Divine within us. Proving by example that where your attention is, there you are. This is how they are Ascended Masters. 

And this is part of the way that they assist us, by "seeing who we truly are" and magnetizing that as they show/remind us how to manifest, magnetize and sustain that same Masterful State ourselves. Thus, we Master all of our energies. Our 4 lower bodies are harmonious as we transmute and transcend all of the discord and misused energies that we have brought about, ourselves. 

Then, we can be a magnetizing presence for the Divine realm to emanate the Sacred Fire energies from all of the 7 rays through our harmonious bodies. And this is how we assist being a part of the bridge to the Divine realm. So, once more the Divine and physical realms will be united. As above, so below. As within, so without. All will participate in the permanent Golden Age, manifesting here on Earth.  

We are in a time where many are searching and wondering. And many people ask how they can be of assistance.

We can be of assistance in our own unique way by being available to assist those that are desirous of a better way. How? By our example. 

When those that see us see that we are in a joyous realm, they will want to become what they see emanating from us. So, our best effort is to be in Divine Love within and without. This any and all will be able to see. 

Strive to always be the living example of what we desire to see in others. And yet, loving enough to realize that our way is not the only way to the Divine realm. Therefore never look at others as though they must accept what we feel is the "proper" course of action back to Divinity. For all have their own unique paths. Source accepts all. For there is not anything that is not Source. Therefore, "we are our brothers keepers" is a motto of the Great White Brotherhood. 

The path taught and demonstrated through the Great White Brotherhood is a method of returning to Divinity through energy and consciousness science. For they have merged the scientific and the metaphysical. As the more we learn, scientifically speaking, the more we realize that both are necessary and complementary. As we grow in our knowledge of science, the more we realize that what we thought of, or labeled as metaphysical, was merely a term we derived to put-off what we were not ready to learn. And when this transcends even further the ultimate science that reveals all is the science of Consciousness. 

Focus on the realm we want to be in. More and more throughout the day, more and more in every way, think of this and only this. Keeping our attention on the Divine and away from the “issues,” is the way to transcend the old ways. Ascension has never been so easily attained as it is now. Take this to heart and be the ascension we desire to be now. For all takes place in the now. 

A Petition to Our Beloved I AM

Beloved God in me that I Am. Let us be the Oneness in all that we do. Let your will take place, that I may live my Divine plan I came to fulfill. Surround me in your Divine energy and give me your way of doing all that I am to accomplish, always. Let your consciousness and feeling permeate all of my 4 lower bodies, that I may always do your will. See to it that you prepare the way before me, so that all is harmonious and peaceful that I may be the beacon of the 7 Divine Rays for all that interact with me and all of those about me. Let the Violet fire transmute any and all discord that is around me, so that all about me is purity, peaceful and loving. Let this all be eternally sustained, and increased in depth ever more eternally. All that I ask of myself beloved I AM, I am asking that the same be done with the whole of humanity. Let us be the Oneness that all I AM presences and Christed/Higher Selves are and accomplish this for the whole of humanity. 

Ascending through Dimensional Realms 

The Ascended Host, the Angelic Host, the Divine that exists all throughout our reality are very desirous of being able to interact with us in a more physical way. However, we are the key to this. 

When we transcend one level of existence to another higher level of existence, we must reach up halfway. As those from "above" reach down halfway. And we are going from 3rd and 4th dimensional living quickly up to the 5th dimension. 

All of the Divine Host have been extremely patient while we are learning through our schooling, here on Earth. Now is the time to transcend our old ways, folks. 

When we ascend to the 5th dimensional level, we are opened to ALL dimensional realms. This is why ascending to this realm is so sought after. For we all remember, at some level, what it was like to have access to all dimensional realms. 

Thus, we return back to our Divinity. Even though our Divinity has been with us all throughout this time, since it exists in our Sacred Heart; we have been ever looking "without" or through our sense consciousness. So, in the sense that, we are returning to our Divinity through living from our Sacred Hearts, or (God Consciousness). Rather then view the world through our Sense Consciousness or ego/personality. We leave limitation and return to unlimited beings of Divine Light.

We have the entire Host of Divinity including our cosmic cousins that are waiting “in the wings” for our awakening and our transcending this reality into the Divinity that is the permanent golden age, for Gaia and all her inhabitants. 

The Angelic Host, Ascended Host, the 7 Mighty Elohim, the Sun, the Central Sun, our cosmic brothers and sisters and all Divine Intelligent energies are all emanating their Divine frequencies as they assist us through magnetizing their energies with ours. 

As we reach up, they reach down and we meet in between.  

Welcome Home Beloveds!

Much blessings, love, light and life!


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