Creating from the Now

When we realize that it is impossible for us to not be creating, we can focus more on what we truly desire to create. And when we create from our state of joy, our lives are harmonious and we live more in the now. This is 5D consciousness in action. Living in joy, abundance and being in the now is the harmony we all seek.

3D Reality, Anyone?

However, when we choose to live in 3D consciousness the experience is one of separation, and limitation. And mind you, that the “separation” and “limitation” are merely illusions. And we are the only one that puts these illusions to use, or not.

For in the 3D reality, “reflection” and “law of attraction” are the universal laws. This is the schooling while in and on 3D Earth. To have all that we feel and think being reflected back to us. And by bringing in all that we attract into our reality. This is how we realize all that we create.

So, if we are being given disharmonious experiences or lack and limitation in our reality these “reflections” and/or “attractions” are what we ourselves have chosen to experience. And we must honor our choices that we have made. As it is from our “now” moment that we all operate. So, if we choose to change our creations we must do so from our now moment.

Being in a loving and compassionate state from wherever we are in our now moment is the way we transmute and transcend into 5D consciousness. This is known as integrating our teaching/learnings. Not judging and condemning our current state. Rather loving what we have come to realize is not our “truth” and freeing it. Releasing it. Letting it go. Forgiving it and forgetting it.

Now Is My Power

When we can always be in the now moment, not the future or the past. And truly be in a loving and compassionate state towards ourselves and creation as a whole; we can then be in a state of realizing our joys and living them. For in reality, circumstances do not matter; only “state of being” matters. We create from where we are, in the now. As this is always our point of power.

3D Mass Consciousness, Anyone?

In yet, in our everyday lives we kind of get caught-up in the illusion of the mass consciousness. This is the part of us that plays into the 3D illusion of separation, lack, limitation and judgment. This is the part that believes the “news” we hear; and feels that we must “take a stand.” And yet, in reality, we end up making a “judgment” about something and then call it an “opinion.” And this merely keeps us in the 3D mass consciousness. This is how we “bring back” all that we are supposed to “let go.”

This is what we are learning to get beyond. And the only way we get beyond these illusions that we feel we must judge, is to let go of them. And the way we know we have successfully let go of these, is we don’t recall them. Or we don’t remember them. For the former things have passed away and well never be brought to mind. Sound familiar?

We must recognize the reality is beyond these 3D illusions. We have “crossed over” the bridge, so to speak, of 3D and its lessons and we have been entrenched in 4D for some time. Making our way as quickly or as slowly as we prefer into 5D consciousness. And in this part of the universe, we are being bombarded with benevolent energy. This “new” energy is actually biased or partial towards good and benevolence. And this is unlike what many of us that have been here going through the Gaia incarnations here, have been used to experiencing for a while.

We have been inculcated or ingrained in the 3D limitation and separation “games,” illusion or maya. Whatever we may call it, it is no longer the order of the day. Since the pass of 2012, we are in a state of benevolent energy throughout the whole of our reality. We chose a new path, beyond all the negativity that was prophesied to occur. We are beyond it. Beyond it. Get it?

The Timing Is Ours, Both Individually and Collectively

All of our various “guides” that are assisting us at this time are telling us that we are the ones that choose the pace at which we leave these older energies behind. For the reality is fully behind our efforts, now; in a benevolent way and energy. In this here and now moment, we are able to create more harmoniously and effortlessly when we stay in the Divine flow of these naturally occurring energies. In short, we have the “wind behind our back.” We are able to “set sail” into a harmonious, peaceful, unifying and oneness 5D consciousness. We integrate what we have learned and we let go of the need for more “schooling” in 3D separation, lack, limitation and victim/perpetrator consciousness or mindset. As in reality, none of the 3D “games” are permanent. As they are not our truth.

Many may recall the story of the Israelites wandering the desert for forty years before crossing into the promised land, after their exile from Egypt. And the Angels tell us that the only reason they wandered for that long, was that the generation that was leaving Egypt, new not freedom. They could not, or would not drop their mindset of being a slave.

In other words, they wouldn’t give up the 3D game of victim/perpetrator; for one cannot exist without the other. This is part of the 3D illusion, not our truth. They would not go back into their “natural” state of being or their “truth” as co-creators. They couldn’t release or let go of what did not serve them; the victim/perpetrator mindset or consciousness. It took a new generation being brought up in the wilderness, not knowing slavery to leave that mental state behind.

Will this be the same case with us?

Can we do it in this incarnation, or will we come back in another to accomplish this?
Either way, we will and have accomplished this transition successfully! The choice is ours to make.

5 Laws of Creation
1.      You exist. Thus, you can never not exist. In other words, you are an eternal being. All That Is Needed You to Be All That Is.
2.     All are One, and One are All. There is no separation, in the whole of Creation. We are all chards and reflections of the whole mirror.
3.     All time is here and now. This is always our point of power. Not the future or the past, which are our reflections and always subject to change based on our “now” creations. Yes, both future and past change based on our now.
4.     What we put out, is what we get back. In other words, cause and effect. Karma.
5.     Everything changes but the first 4 laws, in Creation. For in the universe of Creation, Change is a Constant. As the only permanence is home, which is beyond the universal Creation.

This simple yet powerful wisdom was brought to us through the Essassani.

3D for Another Life or 5D Now, It’s Our Choice

We can focus instead on the “true” reality. For in truth, there is no separation.

When we live in the now moment realizing this is our natural point of power and we focus on 5D consciousness of unity and oneness and we let go, let go, let go of all the 3D illusions; we live and prove our choice. This is our transitional role, we came here to experience. To be the golden ones of the universe. Those who taught Creation how at this level to successfully transmute and transcend the illusions of 3D separation, lack, limitation and victim/perpetrator games. From our now moment, we join the ever-victorious army of Light Workers. Demonstrating to Creation the power of Creation. For the light of God never fails.

We are truly Divine Spiritual Beings that are having a physical experience in our now. And this is a most Divine role to be in, as we usher in the new era. As we create the golden age that will remain permanently here on Gaia. We join and merge with all dimensional realities that always have been here, and yet we are merely waking up to our interactions with them, more and more that we each have more and more every day. For even from our now moment, we are changing our past and future endeavors. We are truly transmuting and transcending all of our creations. And this ripples throughout the whole of Creation. Thus, we further the brilliance of the Light of God to all levels of the reality; from our here and now. All dimensional realms benefit from our success in our now. As we are having experiences in all dimensional realms from our now moment, through other aspects of ourselves. Even though, through our current perceived experience we are merely focused within our “singular” reality; in truth, we are having simultaneous experiences throughout the whole of Creation being expressed in all dimensions. This is why we are effecting and teaching all throughout the universe by our experience.

We are who we have looking for. We are our own saviors. For we are Divinity Manifest in Creation at the perfect place at the perfect time always from all of our “now” moments; fulfilling our Divine plan.

Be ever cognizant of that, beloved. Be ever mindful that “All That Is” needed “You” here and now, in order to succeed in changing the “entire” universe. Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Eternal Divine Spirit Sparks of Source, Creator, Great Spirit, God or any other term we choose. Be cocreators in our joint point of power, now! And Create Grand and Opulent Creations in our ever Eternal Now! Ascended Masters in the making!

Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life
Gabriel F. Duran


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