Outing Our Inner Guru

Bringing Out Our Inner Guru

We have been receiving messages from Kryon and many others of how we are bringing into being more of our Akash, that is for our benefit at this time. Since we all have been around much longer than we realize, we are bringing forth more of our Divinity and more of our “true” self, the Inner Guru.

While we were in the 3D matrix, we were always struggling to keep in harmony and in the Divine Flow. For, within our chosen 3D experience; duality was a big factor. And the “older” 3D energies, did seem to favor disharmony and discord.

And yet, we are way beyond that. We are well entrenched in the 4th dimensional energies, and bringing in more of the 5th as well. Which means we may choose to live beyond that 3D paradigm.

So, how are we doing?

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New Energies Favor Benevolence

Now that we are beyond the old 3D paradigm, we have much more opportunity to bring out the Divine Flow. As these “newer” energies, which have been around for a while; more and more are tuning into. And as more tune into these, the momentum builds. And the power is increased, exponentially. And these really are benevolent energies, as in this reality the Divine is given precedence.

And since all of us have done this before, we have much Divine Inner Guru energies that must be brought forth, in our now. We have much stored in our Causal Bodies that we are able to retrieve more easily, now. And through bringing these back into our reality, we are uplifting Gaia and all on her to higher frequencies. We must live what we feel. And feel ever more harmonious.

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The Release Is the Renew

As this is occurring, we are also bringing forth all that does not serve. For this process of living through the transition, is one in which we release all that is not our “truth.” And many of us have allowed the “maya” to influence our Being. So, we make room for more of our “truth” by releasing all that is not our “truth.”

This is the Divine Flow, brought out from within, throughout and around our bodies. This is the reestablishing of the Inner Guru, in our outer reality. From within to without. From above to below. The bridge is complete. The veil is gone. And our new world is once more established. As we choose how quickly we see what we desire to bring into this new Golden Age.

So, our responsibility throughout this is to release as easily, and as quickly as we feel is necessary for us; all from our reality that does not serve and is not our truth. And we accomplish this through blessing all that is no longer needed in us free. All of the judgements, non-loving attitudes, and so forth. These have shown us what we are not, so we bless them free for their service. To be released back into Gaia or into our Sun.

Or, we may choose to consciously release it back to our Causal body; with the intent that it never has to serve in 3D duality. Thus, maintaining its original state of Pure Divine Energy; through our repolarization of it through the use of the Violet Flame of Mercy in Our Sacred Heart.

As we do this, we are replacing all that does not serve with Pure Divine Flowing Energies. And as we build the momentum of this, we are soon full, within throughout and around us, of Pure Divine Energy.

As we then continue to stay in harmony and full of benevolence for all life, we are the 5D pillars that are bringing ever higher frequencies throughout our reality. And for this Gaia and the entire Ascended Host are ever grateful. As should we be!

Inner Guru, Helps Awakening for All

Since we are awakening to our Divine nature, we are bringing in more of our light body. We are becoming strong pillars of Divine Light and Flow. And as we bring forth more of the Inner Guru into the reality, we are assisting in awakening more and more of those still within the mass consciousness. As there are those of us that have realized, “we are our brother’s keepers.” And we are ever striving to bring forth all of humanity into the Divine Flow and Light.

As we live that which we know is harmonious and closer to our “truth,” we build more momentum living in the higher dimensional realms for longer and longer periods. And our focus on the old ways and energies, becomes less and less until they are no more.

We still see and will continue to see those that are getting the 3D paradigm, out of their systems, so to speak. There are many youths that are getting involved in the older energy matrix of separation and division. And they have yet to have realized that they are only feeding the existence of that older energy.

With the new energies that are abounding in our new reality, the ability to transition and transcend these ways is much more powerful. When we put our collective intent, or unity consciousness focus on diminishing these various skirmishes that others are attempting to magnify, we are not only successfully diminishing these; we are replacing and leaving in their stead the Divine Love and Light that is ever abundant.

However, in time their efforts will be diminished as more and more are focused on the higher more benevolent ways that are coming forth at exponential rates now. There is an unlimited amount of harmonious ways of bringing about our Unity Consciousness. As we focus on being harmonious throughout all the transition, others will and do respond. For the Divine Flow of energies is in our favor.

Benevolence Prevails

Compassion is the order of the day, as we see we are all at varying levels of the transition. And many are desirous of the outcome, we all see and are living in our now. Let us ever expand our Divine Flow of Light and Energy to all. Let us be so much in the Divine Flow, that others may see our truth and choose to be a part of it. And these others may realize their own unique truths. As we each have our own uniqueness and truth. Even in Unity Consciousness. For the Light of God Never Fails.

We are Divinity Manifest in Creation, Here and Now!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life


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