The Alchemy of Changing the Physical

Awakening Spiritually brings Physical Mastery

When we spiritually awaken, we feel a need to change. When in fact we have already changed, just by awakening. We feel a new-found respect for where we are as a people and a planet. Whereas, most that are still asleep are still within their own reality; primarily concerned with their own lives. Why is this so?

Oneness Becomes Evident When We Awaken

When we awaken, we realize that there is no separation at all. We are ALL, truly one. And we increase in compassion, for we can easily see how those that are still unawakened view the reality; as an experience in separation. And we can empathize, for we have been there too. And yet, we can never go back into the “illusion” of separation once we’ve awakened.

Those who have awakened, that are in the presence of those that are not; automatically begins the process of awakening in those as well. As this is how the Light of God spreads. Through frequency. Our frequency acts through us illuminating all that are within our realms.

We are taught that frequency is what we pick-up or learn through firstly. And secondly is the learning/knowledge gained through words; either spoken or in text. In truth, when one is schooled they are learning much more through the frequency of their teachers than through the words and examples given through the teachers.

This is what is meant by the fact that the “light” over-comes the “darkness.” For there is no darkness that is not affected by the light. When the light comes on in a dark room, there is no such thing as a darkness taking over that light. For in reality, the darkness cannot stand before the light. So, the darkness is diminished or leaves entirely in the presence of the light that is turned on. This is the power of the frequency of light. And we each embody divine light; within, throughout and around our entire being. Thus, when others are in our presence; they are in our light.

And when we know our “truth” and the true power of our Being, and we live it in our now, we increase in our ability to influence the reality. In other words, the awakened ones that understand the true creation, have much more weight; as creators. Because, we recognize where our true power is, through our own individualized I AM presence, which is Divine Light. Thus, we create with a pure intent, through our I AM presence. And this is creating through Mastery.

The Illusion of Separation

Those that are still “unawakened” view the reality as one of separation. Each is “out for themselves.” This is easily seen, as there is greed, selfishness and a “me first” attitude. In other words, there is fear. For all of these are traits of being in lack and fear. Or in short, these are rooted in a fear-based system; due to a false feeling of separation and lack.

If we look at the traditional view of religious systems of “mans” making; there is a view of separation. We must be “saved”, while others are not.

And in truth, there is no separation, or there is no them or us. There is them and us. For we are all one. The same Divinity that is in our hearts is in all other hearts. So, never can we be separate. For all of us are within Creation. And Source setup individuation of the whole through fractals. All being equal. All being a unique reflection that is necessary for All That Is, to be All That Is. For without the whole, the parts would not be. As without the parts, the whole would not be.

The viewpoint that most that are unawakened have is that we are individuals that are separate and divided. And this brings the mental attitude of fear, as well as man’s perceived perceptions of lack and limitation.

What most do not realize is that the root of all of their fears, is the deep-seated false impression that they are separate from God, or Source. That God is “out there” somewhere and has forgotten us over here. This is an impossibility as God has always been within each and every one of us. And yet, several go into the illusion of being separate from God.

When God, is within us all, each and every individual. The Heart Chakra is the Master Gateway through which we all come into contact with our own Divine Being; which is the “true” us. The four higher Chakras are what we are focusing on more and more, as we develop our higher-minds and our higher-heart.  As we activate more of our DNA and bring into Being more of who we truly are.

mastery (1)
Bringing in Mastery

As we all begin the process of working towards Mastery on all levels, both physically and spiritually, we find that the process is less about us “working” towards the objective, and more about “allowing” the flow of these energies to change us; as we release that which is not our truth and does not serve.

We must release the illusions we have created that include fear, lack and limitation, and allow the flow of divine energy from our I AM presence, our various teachers and the inherent energy in this new area of the galaxy to permeate and integrate within, throughout and around our entire being. This will bring us into the true reality, as we leave that which does not serve behind.

For in reality, the teachings that we are being given from all of our various teachers are about releasing that which is not ours. Letting go of that which is not our truth and does not serve. Giving up all of the fear-based conscious constructs that we have bought into.

And this includes the emotions that are not possible for a Divine Being; such as fear. A Divine Being that can never be separate from God has no fear whatsoever. For that would be saying that God lives in fear.

And A Divine Being from God has no need to prove or justify itself to anyone or anything. Divinity is All That Is, inherently within us. For Being a Divine aspect of Source/God is beyond these human consciousness constructs that are limiting. Being a Divine aspect of God, is being in divine love, knowledge and wisdom, always, as we recognize that compassion is the divine way.

We must give up with the references towards our history to chart our future. As we are now in uncharted territory. And our history is filled with fears and limitations all throughout. And man has been taught that fear is a necessity; when in fact that is not the case at all. All of the lessons we came here to learn, we could have learned without the necessity of fear. However, we chose to learn through duality and this included fear as a component to transmute. So, we are creating anew. And this new creation is one in which we transmute and release the need for fear, in all of its forms. The true reality is one of wonders and fulfillment through our combined accomplishments.

Being in Truth

As we gain our Mastery, we bring into being all aspects of our truth. And in truth, the lie cannot exist.
And so, all of our perceived limitations that we have imposed on ourselves must collapse. As God has created abundance throughout the whole of Creation, and lack and limitation are not necessary. And yet, through imposed “lies” on the vast majority of us; there is the imposed illusion of lack put before us. Due to some perceived notion of what the word “economy” means to a very select few. When in truth, there is vast abundance; ever underutilized. And with our resources today, we could easily feed and clothe all as well as provide far all in abundance.

Being within the now moment and being aware that we are working with those that will assist us in transmuting that which does not serve and bringing forth our Divine Mastery, is our truth. As we bring into being more of our Divine Self, and let go of that ego-consciousness aspect that was never to be in charge; we naturally go into our truth. We align with our Divine Being. And as we live more of our truth through our alignment with our own Divinity, the lie cannot exist.

Much as the dark flees when the light turns on, the lie falls to pieces before the truth. So, the more we live in our truth; the quicker the illusions of the lie fall apart throughout the whole of society. From science to business to justice and government. Any and all that have aspects of these that are not in truth, will see these crumble. For lies cannot stand before the truth. And as these illusions leave, truth manifests in its stead; in all of our various structures.

And realize that these illusions collapse on their own due to their own falsity, when we go into our truth. We do not necessarily have to actually physically accomplish all of this. As the whole of reality is a consciousness construct, or in todays terms holographic. So, when we go into our truth; we migrate to the reality that matches our new-found desires and freedoms. When we give up the illusions of fear, lack and limitation; we revert back to the eternal truth of our Divine Being where abundance and miracles are the norm.

Physical and Spiritual Mastery Once More

Thus, when we master physicality we also master spirituality. For we give up the illusions that are less-than. As the true reality is full of abundance, joy, wisdom and divine love. And when we replace the false illusions with truth, our I AM presence brings the innate of our reality back into harmony. For our I AM presence is the pure truth of who we are. So, we enter a state of knowing our truth, inherently. Wisdom is greatly increased and compassion is the order of the day, as we all help each other to awaken from our perceived false illusions of fear, limitation and lack.

The more we are in the state of being that we prefer, the more we bring this state of being into the whole of our realities more and more; no matter our current circumstances.

As state of being is what matters, not circumstances.  Be ever in a grateful and appreciative state that we are Divine Beings, inherently, that have had, merely, a period of sleep that was full of nightmares. And yet, we have awakened to the fact that we are beyond these sleepy dreams. In our truth, these illusions cannot stand.

And in fact, we are Divine Beings with immense power over our entire reality and our creations. This is our inherent Divine nature. We can use our frequency of truth to be the catalyst of alchemy that automatically changes our own physicality into our true state of being.

Let us create through our Divine Presence within, a world of wonders in oneness. With the beauty and the diversity of the whole of All That Is. Where one and all are truly loved divinely and following their own unique paths of truth. Each spending eternity discovering the ever-endless beauties of the whole of creation, and each adding their much-needed unique creations to the whole. As we all need each other. For we are all truly one. And through our inherent ability to use alchemy we transmute back to our true state of Divine Beings, manifest within Creation. Ever at the right place and right time, fulfilling our Divine Plan.

divine within us

Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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