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Ascended Master Jesus 


Today, beloved ones, all over the Earth people are honoring the Resurrection Spirit. They are honoring that Spirit of the Christ as manifested through my lifestream. Today, I ask you to direct that to and through them, the realization that what I have done, EVERY ONE of these blessed ones shall and will do, and they must make ready now in courtesy to their Lord to allow this externalization through them of their own divinity. I ask you in the name of love and of light to CHARGE into the feelings of the people the realization that WITHIN THEIR OWN LIFE is that same power by which I did resurrect a physical form and finally ascended in the presence of several hundred people.
Printz, Thomas. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, Book 5 (Kindle Locations 5608-5613). Ascended Master Teaching Foundation. Kindle Edition.

Divine Spirit 

We all have the same Divine Spirit of the Christ within our hearts. From that level of Creation, all are truly One. And there is no human on Gaia, that does not have this within.

Those that have ascended before us, have been constantly reminding us that they are with us always. Within our very beating hearts is the Divine Being that exists in Unity and Oneness with the Ascended Host. This aspect of us is in reality already Perfect and Divine. This is what we have forgotten. We would not even be able to have the thoughts we have to question the reality if it were not for our Higher Self / Christed Being. We could not even draw air without this aspect of ourselves, granting this.

And yet, this Divine aspect of ourselves is so full of Divine Love and compassion; that it patiently awaits our awakening to the remembrance of our Divinity, in us. The greatest power, "Love," is the most gentle and compassionate power as well. And we are getting these "loving" nudges from within to remember. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the Oneness, coming into being once more. We are bringing in the permanent Golden Age of Saint Germain.

We are bringing back our Divine memory from our Akashic experiences. And as more of who we are comes to the forefront, we and Gaia are ascending into Oneness. For we can not gain our ascension status, without the aid of experience Gaia gives us. We are both ascending together. Gaia is once more to be known as "Freedom's Holy Star."

An Address by Beloved Mother Mary

How to Rise into the “Upper Chamber”

Rise you into the Upper Chambers of the highest consciousness which you know is possible for you to in safety dwell and sustain a perfect image, not only for yourself, but for those whose vibratory actions seem oppressive or depressive to you. Then you will learn to enjoy that vibration and to sustain it in a state of listening grace for those from above who desire at any moment through you or whom you may desire to invoke, to bless life and set imprisoned life free from the vibratory action which is imperfect.

Beloved ones, it is so simple. It is just the readjusting of the atoms, the electrons which make up the atom, which create and sustain for uncountable ages, if you desire, the physical and inner vehicles.

Man Has Lived 1,000 Years

In many Golden Ages which have preceded this, peoples have lived a thousand years or more. Why? Because the vibratory action of every electron and every cell and atom of their beings was held in harmony with their own Presence and with those Divine Beings, the messengers of almighty God, and they chose in such activities to remain, and crossed the planet Earth from place to place in service divine, rendering the service of resuscitation through the power of love and light.

You Can Be Free From Limitation

Thus you gain in grace, you gain in individual mastery, and in honor in the heavenly court and you express more fully here on this Earth that immaculate concept which we have held for you since first you took a physical embodiment. Someone must hold that for you, hold it so powerfully, so lovingly and so constantly that no matter what the appearances may be, there is an anchorage within your beating hearts which tells you truth and enables you through the sheaths of the many selves to know that truth as I did, as Jesus did, as others before us and after us know, until you are eternally free from limitation of fear and dread of any type of human appearance.

Beloved ones, when the angels come and walk and talk with men, when Lord Raphael desires to give the mighty power of healing which is his, when I desire, as I do, to again anoint your vehicles with the substance of myself—accept that.
Printz, Thomas. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, Book 5 (Kindle Locations 5527-5578). Ascended Master Teaching Foundation. Kindle Edition.
Ascended Jesus and Mary

The above quotes where from those of the Ascended Masters Jesus and Mary in 1960. Since that time, we have had several others come forth and share the exact same messages.

Kryon, speaks of how Light Workers have been coming forth to "birth" the new Earth. Simply by means of maintaining a harmonious state, while living on Earth; their "joy of service" is fulfilled or accomplished. Some may call it a "mission," however, when the "mission" is viewed as a "joy of service" it is accomplished more easily, quickly and permanently.

Dolores Cannon, has several published books on her Quantum Healing Hypnosis patients speaking of a "New Earth" coming into being. And how they "heard the calling" and came to assist in "birthing" the "New Earth".

Darryl Anka has brought forth the teachings from the Essassani, and how they have been through what we are going through. And as a society that had a grand and glorious moment when they all came to the "knowing" that they where all truly One.

Leave Limitation by Loving All Life Free

We all have a glorious moment that we definitely don't want to miss in our "now." As we each have the opportunity to bless and love all life free. And as we ourselves do this for all of life that has taught us in our schoolroom here on Gaia, we ourselves ascended back into the unlimited beings we have always been; yet have temporarily forgotten.

Be the Divinity we seek in all. Be the Oneness that we all already are with the entire Ascended and Angelic Host. Be the Light Being that we all crave, "now."
There is no other time, but the "here and now."

Be the Ascended Light Being, in the "here and now!"


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life


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