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Universal Light Substance

Prana, Chi, Divine Breath, life essence, vital energy or Universal Light Substance. They all refer to the same thing. And for many, looking skyward on a bright day; many see these bits of energy dancing around and flicking in and out of the reality. These are actual prana molecules. It is said that those that can see these little bits of energy dancing around in the sky, actually do have an opened third eye. This is truly what the Ascended Host speak of as Universal Light Substance. And we are taught through the Ascended Host that this is true God energy that was brought forth in existence to assist us in manifesting. The following is from: The Law of Precipitation: How to Successfully Meet Life's Daily Needs, Author - Schroeder, Werner UNIVERSAL LIGHT SUBSTANCE You are living and have your actual being, within the aura of Helios and Vesta and that aura is made up of countless tiny particles of electronic light substance, which are intelligent and obedient to all o

To Think or to Know?

We have all come to realize the truth in the statement, what we dwell upon we become. And so, we know that we are to be in a state of being that is reflective with what we are desirous of to be expressed in our lives. In other words, be the love we want to always see before us. If we choose to be in a happy, peaceful and harmonious state, we need to live in accord with that in all of our thoughts, words and deeds. For in truth, we must be in this state we are desirous of from within, firstly. And when we are truly in a harmonious state of coherence, from within our heart-centers we activate more of our inherent knowing. Which is beyond thinking. And this has been expressed as the gift of knowing. Many attribute Archangel Uriel as the angel that gifts us with knowing. Although this “gift” is inherent in all of us. And Archangel Uriel acts as an activator for this gift of claircognizance, within us. And this gift has not been expressed through the majority of us currently b

Using the Frequency of the Vortex

Those of us that have been to power points throughout the Earth, can speak of the power of their energies. As recently we traveled to Sedona, Arizona; which is known for their vortex energies. And really when you are in these energies you really have two distinct emotions that come up. Some that arrive at these vortex sites are in a state of joyfully blissful energy. Much as when we were all children, we enjoyed everything we did immensely. Playing was the order of the day. And we enjoyed all of our versions of play. Others that are right beside you on the trail in these vortex sites are in a state of solemnness and anger, to some extent. Feeling very into themselves and really not in the best of moods or feelings. And these are the two predominant emotions that are noted when one enters into these vortex energetic sites. While some of these vortex sites are more of a male energy and others are more of a female energy. And depending on our own unique “issues” that we are each

In the Know, In the Now

The state of being we may now bring into our reality is very different than the one we have been used to living in for some time, in consciousness. As we have been living through our “thoughts” for millennia. And we may now ascend in frequency to a state of “knowing,” in consciousness. So as to step beyond the need for learning from and/or repeating the past. For quite a while, we have been living through our 3D consciousness of reason and logic based on “history,” or past lessons learned. We have felt that living through the knowledge of our past experiences is what has allowed us to progress. And at a certain level this is true, and at another level, it is actually “hindering” our progress. For we know from our experiences what happens when we go down a certain course of action, such as war, which is a very low-level vibration that is based entirely out of fear. And yet, using this aspect of our consciousness has never allowed us to get past these illusions of fear. As we ever re

I Am in Truth, I Am My Truth, I Am Truth

I Am in Truth There is much comfort in the realization that we are Divine. As we come into knowing this means that we are living in truth, when we recognize our Divinity. And in truth, the only permanence there is, is our Divine I AM Self. We may “dawn” many bodies and personalities throughout our various incarnations, however these personalities are not our truth. Although, they are fine for exploring all sorts of avenues of expression that could show us contrasts of our truth. We eventually come to realize that the personality is the only aspect of ourselves that is capable of entertaining fear, lack and limitation; as these are lies that are not truth. So, we really do learn through these personalities we manifest. And so, there is nothing wrong with dawning a personality, for we would be invalidating a part of ourselves if we said otherwise. And one of the first things we come to realize when we awaken, is that there is no need to invalidate anything. As there is noth