In the Know, In the Now

The state of being we may now bring into our reality is very different than the one we have been used to living in for some time, in consciousness. As we have been living through our “thoughts” for millennia. And we may now ascend in frequency to a state of “knowing,” in consciousness. So as to step beyond the need for learning from and/or repeating the past.

For quite a while, we have been living through our 3D consciousness of reason and logic based on “history,” or past lessons learned. We have felt that living through the knowledge of our past experiences is what has allowed us to progress. And at a certain level this is true, and at another level, it is actually “hindering” our progress. For we know from our experiences what happens when we go down a certain course of action, such as war, which is a very low-level vibration that is based entirely out of fear.

And yet, using this aspect of our consciousness has never allowed us to get past these illusions of fear. As we ever relive and perpetuate these experiences over and over. For all of our countries feel the need for an ever expanding and expensive “defense” system. And then those that are in the greatest fear begin the “fear-mongering” from within their own country to get others involved in their notion of a war.

And this is where we have been repeating the same action through the use of this same aspect of consciousness, over and over throughout all of our histories throughout our planet. The same fearful results from the same limited consciousness, born into manifest reality over and over.

in the now

However, in our eternal now moment, we may change our point of view, through perceiving through our “true” consciousness. Our true consciousness is directed through our Sacred Heart, where our Divinity resides. And through bringing in our Divine I Am presence, from this focal point, we function at a higher level of frequency that transcends these lower-frequency consciousness constructs that we have been recreating and repeating for millennia. These false illusions of fear, lack and limitation.

When we align with truth, and bring it forth through our intention, we are automatically aligning with our Divine I Am presence. And when we call this aspect of ourselves forth, we have begun the process of ascension. For we are once more uniting with our Divinity in our reality, in the now bringing forth truth. This is bringing forth our Christed Being.

second coming

The second coming of the Christ, that so many seem to be searching for “out there” is in fact a second coming of the Christ from within. Once more, uniting our Divine I Am Being with our “personality” or ego persona, or consciousness. And when our “personality” acquiesces to the fact that the Higher Self should be leading, we manifest Divinity, in our now. As we go into divine harmony throughout all of our bodies. So, when will this occur?

eternal now

And so, the only point of power that any of us have, is in our ever eternal “now” moments. So, should we choose to allow our I Am presence to be the Source that we all turn to within; we will be bringing forth our truth, in the here and now. For our I Am presence cannot be in anything other than divine truth. And as we bring forth truth, we negate the lies. And the biggest lie that must fall is fear. And when fear is dropped, for there is no fear in truth; we once more manifest the Kingdom. Or heaven on Earth. Peace.

The need to “fight” for some “figure” that represent some country in “fear” will seem so out of truth, no one will comply. For no one will ever kill anything knowing all comes from the Divine. Why would Divinity kill another aspect of the Divine? This is pure ludicrous.

What most have a difficult time coming into the realization of, is that this is not a physical process of change, as most think. This is more an evolution of change in consciousness. For man to bring into being once more the Divine in all, is the task at hand. And when we align with our I Am presence, we put our bodies back into alignment of truth. Our seven bodies will then operate in unison through truth, once more.


And any and all that choose to live in truth now, become the “pillars of light” that bring this forth for the whole of humanity. For as we live in truth, all that is before us must align with truth. All that we see before us must come into truth, just by our being in truth. This is the edict of this new era. As we take responsibility for our creations, and we transmute them into truth; once more.

And all that is not in truth, will begin the process of change. Either the change will make it align with truth, or it will be displaced and replaced by something that demonstrates truth.


This is why our Hierarchies are failing. For they no longer serve in “truth.” And some have actually acquiesced to various fears and lies. And even though they know that what they are doing is actually a disservice to all, they are in the old consciousness of fear, lack and limitation. Many of these, so called leaders, have the attitude of “me first.” So, these must fall as a lie falls before the truth. For we are bringing back truth in all, once more.

This is also why it is seemingly more difficult for those that must keep secrets; for these are not truth, either. And we see more and more “whistleblowers” coming forth. Because all are coming into their truth. And it is becoming extremely difficult for those that choose to perpetuate lies through secrecy and deception. As the call, we all feel, is for freedom. And freedom is established in truth, not deception. There is no freedom in a lie. Truth is brought forth in freedom, as we are seeing now.
Since we are all bringing back our Divine aspects, we are bringing forth truth. And once more, when we bring forth truth, a lie cannot stand. It will be exposed.

As we “shine our light of truth” upon all we encounter, we bring the whole to a higher frequency. And since we chose a group experience, we begin the process of changing the whole; at once. The more that go into truth, the higher the frequency of the whole. And ever more, we ascend. And we change our reality to one of truth, not deception or manipulation, which are lies.

Beloved God in me I Am, let me ever be in truth. As I call once more for our presences to be enmeshed. That at all time our thoughts are singular and directed by the Divinity I Am. Let your will take place, that all that I have come to accomplish may be brought forth for the benefit of the whole of humanity, in truth. Let us raise to the highest frequency available and see that it expands exponentially as more join us in truth. We make the call once more for Heaven on Earth. We know our Divinity and we manifest it in our here and now. Eternally sustained and infinitely expanded. Let the glory of All That Is, ever be expanded and enjoyed as we explore it for eternity. So be it.

As we know the only point of power we have is in the now. We merely have to share our truth and live our lives as the example of truth in our now; for all to see. And as we drop the old consciousness of 3D duality, and our “history” of learning; we enter the new reality, anew. Without the inheritance of falsity that is brought forth with our history. For we are creating anew. As the former things have passed away.

christ consciousness

As we live through the consciousness of our Christ Being, we realize truth in all that is before us; including ourselves. And as we realize the truth of Divinity in all, we come into Being Divinity manifest in creation. Ever perfecting the perfect creation, further. Through our divine manifestations of truth, we elevate the whole of who we are. For we are all Ascended Masters in the making. Bringing forth the permanent Golden Age of Gaia. And Gaia, bringing forth Her glory as Freedom’s Holy Star.

As we live through our Divine consciousness, we transition from thinking to knowing. For when we use our 3D consciousness, we must think about all. We are ever thinking things into being, or thinking them out of existence. Much like we thought of an existence without the direction of our own Divinity. We thought our Divinity right out of our reality. Only to discover the folly of such an experience, for millennia of time.

Hence the concept of the biblical account of not needing to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and bad. The admonition we were being given then, was that we could learn all of these same lessons without the need to actually have the physical experiences ourselves, through good and bad. As many worlds have learned these same lessons without necessitating a duality, or dualistic experience of gaining knowledge of good and bad.

And as we return to bringing forth our I AM presence into the whole of our reality, we go once more into a harmonious state of knowing. And as such, we will not be experiencing the extremes of learning through thinking in good and bad. For we are transcending our reality to a higher frequency, in which one goes into knowing. And in this higher frequency, our lessons and experiences are more harmonious and joyous. And the “key” is the joy, factor.


When we can be in a state of joy and an attitude of gratitude, we expand much more effortlessly and at a quicker pace. As we are giving up much that does not serve; when we are able to attain this state of being more and more.

And some choose to go through a process of release, concerning what doesn’t serve, and other choose to just release what doesn’t serve all at once and move on. And there is no judgment concerning each other’s chosen pace.

As judgement and justification lead one back into fear, and the same 3D consciousness of duality, we are leaving behind. As in our new state of consciousness, we are thinking less and coming into our inherent knowing more.

So, remember to always be in alignment with our Divine I Am presence. And as we are in alignment with our I Am presence, truth becomes our reality. And to strive to ever be in a harmonious state, as we bring in truth. Truth in All That Is. And as we live in truth, our realities change to reflect our truth. And by the law of attraction, we leave all that does not serve; and is not in truth. And we bring in the truth of Divinity in All That Is.

Let all of us, as aspects of “shards of a shattered mirror” bring forth our truth as light workers. Let’s shine our brilliance for the whole of creations benefit. For we all came to serve. And in truth we shine our light for all to see.

“As, I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. I am here. I am here. I am here.” *


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

* Quote taken from The Book of Mastery – Author Paul Selig


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