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Prana, Chi, Divine Breath, life essence, vital energy or Universal Light Substance. They all refer to the same thing. And for many, looking skyward on a bright day; many see these bits of energy dancing around and flicking in and out of the reality. These are actual prana molecules. It is said that those that can see these little bits of energy dancing around in the sky, actually do have an opened third eye.

This is truly what the Ascended Host speak of as Universal Light Substance. And we are taught through the Ascended Host that this is true God energy that was brought forth in existence to assist us in manifesting.

The following is from:

The Law of Precipitation: How to Successfully Meet Life's Daily Needs, Author - Schroeder, Werner


You are living and have your actual being, within the aura of Helios and Vesta and that aura is made up of countless tiny particles of electronic light substance, which are intelligent and obedient to all of mankind. The nature of the universal light substance is to obey the creator and to become form.
As the electrons flow down the lifestream from the mighty I AM Presence into the physical heart, they contain the fire of creation and each electron may become the nucleus, or cause, of whatever the individual decrees into existence – thus, the electron may become perfect supply, the seed of a spiritual idea, the nucleus of a great international movement, the heart of a novel, or a celestial symphony.

Many of you have seen these particles of light substance in the atmosphere, on a bright, sunny day. These particles of self–conscious, intelligent light form the substance of the atmosphere that you breathe in and any number of them are willing, at any time, to enter into your world and become part of the substance that you want manifest in form.

That substance can become, for you, the elixir of youth, the vital energy of healing flowing through your spinal column and your nervous system, reaching into every cell and atom of your being. It may become condensed, through your thought and feeling processes, until it is visible and tangible in your hands, to use for any manifestation you desire. That universal light substance, WHICH IS ALL AROUND YOU, can and will respond to the directions of your own immortal flame, through your positive affirmation in the acknowledgment of the presence of God within you, as the “I AM” which gives you life and it CAN and WILL joyously become, for you, whatever the requirement of the moment is.

Saint Germain 7

Saint Germain: “Mankind, through the centuries, has qualified the universal substance with perishability and limitation and the bodies it uses today, are expressing those characteristics. The entire human race has storms of hate, anger, revenge and many other outbursts of feelings and the four elements, which have recorded those qualities, return them to man through the world of nature, as storms and cataclysms.

“Such activities are but nature’s way of purifying and shaking herself free, from the contamination of human, discordant thought and feeling and returning to her pristine condition of God’s purity.”


Serapis Bey: “At Luxor, we impress the chela with the truth that, within the light that flows into his heart, is anything and everything he will require for external comfort, as well as for internal redemption and illumination. Each electron, which makes up the rapidly–flowing stream of precipitated life, contains, within itself, all the intelligence and magnetic power required to sustain the body's life and the mind’s nourishment, as well.”

Serapis Bey further explained that through the power of the mind and by attuning to his I AM Presence, the chela is able to be inspired with beautiful ideas, visions and God–desires. He is then able to develop, mould and refine these ideas, just as a sculptor refines his work, when working with marble.

Then the chela may, by drawing on the power of the three–fold flame in his heart, feed the thoughtform again and again, with a pressure of energy, until it manifests in the physical world.

Schroeder, Werner. The Law of Precipitation: How to Successfully Meet Life's Daily Needs (Kindle Locations 245-271). Ascended Master Teaching Foundation. Kindle Edition.

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We have the ability to manifest much of our hearts desires, now. We have not been instructed as to how we manifest or precipitate. However, now the knowledge is coming back.

Beloveds, realize that when we truly know that we are divinity manifest in creation; the elements themselves must listen and work harmoniously with us. This is how we manifest in creation. And we may have not realized that we may manifest even greater realities through our focused intent.

higher self meditation

An example of using prana in meditation would be as follows…

Envision your I Am presence as the perfect light-body being that we each have before you. Picture as well as you can the image of your being so full of pure divine light at about 10 to 15 feet in front of you. And there is nothing else around except you and your Higher Self. And your Higher Self is facing you.

Send all of the divine love you can to this aspect of yourself. And then envision that a tube of pure golden prana light is extending from your third chakra to their third chakra. This is your Manipura chakra, more commonly known as the solar plexus chakra.


And at this point the intent is to bring this aspect of yourself forward to merge with you. This may be done all at once, or you may draw this out through several meditations, until the moment seems proper. As the purpose of this is to merge our Higher Self directly with ourselves.

And some may feel very strong emotions as this occurs. As this aspect of ourselves is in purity and reflects only the divine. Thus, anything that is not pure and divine must release in its presence. Know this is so, and much that we are unaware of as well as those disharmonious reflections we are aware of will release through this meditation, permanently. As we return to being in bliss more and more. Do this meditation with our consciousness directing this process from our sacred heart-center chakra.


Therefore, we must attune to this level of reality, as the merge takes place. We must meet this aspect of ourselves halfway, as it were. As we reach up, our Higher Self reaches down. And in-between the two shall meet.

We may also use this exercise to bring into our reality anything that is necessary that is in accord with our path/plan. We may envision giving our needs to our Higher Self. And asking our Higher Self to reflect to us anything that we need to do to accomplish in order to bring these about in our reality. And being ever in the state of listening grace as to what we receive. And we envision that as the Higher Self comes closer to us, our needs also comes to us in manifestation. And as we build momentum behind doing this meditation, we also build momentum towards manifesting what we are requesting.

Honor all that is given to us through these meditative practices. For we are building the momentum of our own personal conduit of speaking and working with our Divine Self. The more the conduit is used, the more the Higher Self will work with and through us. And rest assured, the Higher Self will never stop communing with us once we have begun to do this consciously. It will honor our free will. However the Higher Self is ever desirous of being melded with us in consciousness, heart and truth. And in complete manifest form.

synchronicity saying

So, expect the synchronicities to increase as this is practiced. And be sure to ask the Higher Self to make any and all suggestions and insights as clear as possible for us. That we may recall what we are being given. Either in guidance and direction as well as in direct manifestations. As sometimes, we have been given manifestations that lead us further down the path of our realizations, and yet we were unresponsive because our persona couldn’t perceive of the outcome coming through a certain means.

In other words, do not be so insistent that the vision come about as you perceived it; when you gave the intent. For the Higher Self knows much more how this should be gifted you. And many times, we are our own stumbling block, as we insist that this come about based on our own thinking of how it should. And in truth, our Divine Self knows much better and beneficial ways of bringing all the various things about for us that we need.

And realize that our Higher Self is not one to be frugal. Being in the Divine flow, is being in opulence. And this opulence is brought about from within, firstly. Then we begin to see this manifested throughout. And we live in accord with what we are given.


Create divine perfect creations, brothers and sisters. As we all enjoy each other’s successes and accomplishments. Ever perfecting the already perfect creation. This is truth being reflected back to us, always. Let us be in harmony and in truth. The longer we are harmonious the quicker we manifest. The beauty that we each are is what we came to demonstrate. And as always this takes place from within, firstly. And then without, we see the reflection shown back to us. Be the reflection of divine beauty.

Be engulfed in Universal Light. Call it forth to heal any and all dis-eases. First from within, then without. While this occurs, call this universal light out on others-behalf. When riding, or walking. Send out a blessing to all that you perceive. And bathe them all in this universal light, with the stipulation that this light only be used to bring forth more of the divine. That none be used for human discord. And state that this substance must only be used for harmonious creations brought forth in truth.


Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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