Clear the Mental Strata

As we integrate and expand, we go back to being more the whole of who we are. And at this time, we are working on expanding both internally and externally. As always, the process is to be one of within, firstly. Then we work from within to the throughout, or outer world. Thus, we are becoming whole and complete, inwardly as well.


This means that we are building a “conscious” bridge between our conscious, subconscious and unconscious. These aspects of us are also expanding and integrating from within, firstly. As these occur, we are going to be recalling more that we have experienced from these levels; and yet previously never had a conscious memory of until, now.

As we expand within, we build a conscious connection that is more complete and clearer than in previous experiences. And this occurs directly by strengthening the bridge and communing with the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. And this must occur for this is the inward bridge/path that we create in order to commune more directly with our own Higher Self. And we have been requesting this bridge be established and strengthened. Both from within and throughout.

As this bridge is strengthened and we keep in our Divine flow, we will begin to receive glimpses of these communications that occur directly from these levels of subconscious and unconsciousness. And we can then begin to integrate these and realize that these are other aspects of ourselves that are interdimensional. And as we expand multidimensionally, we will simultaneously expand interdimensional.

One experience that I have begun to have conscious recollection of, is when awakening from sleep. There’ve been times, when I awaken from sleep while dreaming. And while this occurs, I hear an instruction taking place from another aspect. It is not from the dream I was having, which is entirely different. However, I clearly hear instruction being given that is much like what I receive throughout the day. It is like walking into a class already in progress.

And this is actually consciously hearing the subconscious being given guidance, direction and instruction from our spiritual guides, and others of our teachers, directly. This is what occurs as we build that “conscious” bridge of communication between all aspects of our consciousness. As we give recognition to this aspect of ourselves more and more, we will strengthen this bridge and receive direct flows of conscious communication that our subconscious and unconscious are currently expressing/experiencing. As these aspects of us hold these “issues” that were to difficult for us to deal with in past experiences.

Thus, we have much that is hidden throughout these realms of consciousness. And yet, this is merely “hidden” from our direct conscious knowing. As other aspects of ourselves, enact these reflections of us. In other words, these aspects of consciousness have effect on our bodies, mental and emotional states. In these mental states of strata lies the truth concerning our aging and/or decline in health.

And yet, through processing and integrating these aspects, beliefs and feelings stored within these consciousness; we “clear” the path. We replace the old that does not serve, with the clear and Divine Light that is out true and natural state. In other words, we transmute these fears and limitations to their true and pure Divine state of limitlessness. And this clears us. And the channel within becomes truly open.

channel higher self

As all of us are “channels” of our own Divine I Am Presence. And this is why we are “clearing” that which does not serve. So that we may receive clear and pure truth from our Divine aspect, without the fog and darkness of false beliefs and fears that are entirely untrue. For our Divine presence has no fears or limitations of any sort. And when we commune directly with our Divinity, we begin to inhabit these qualities. For where our thoughts are, there we are. And what we dwell upon, we become.

As we grow into the truth of our being, we give more and more recognition to the fact that consciousness is everywhere. From our individual atoms to our various body part and throughout all levels of consciousness that exist within our minds.

Much like we are recognizing that we have truly never been alone in the cosmos and many other forms of life exist and they are ALWAYS attempting to communicate with us; we are likewise recognizing that we have been denying aspects of ourselves from within, that are attempting to communicate, as well. And we are awakening to the reality that we may, and need to, commune consciously with these other aspects of ourselves. Through love, compassion and if necessary forgiveness.

ascended lento, mary, lady nada

When we “truly” love ourselves, we send love within, firstly. And this includes loving and recognizing our atoms, cells, DNA, various body parts and on and on. And this includes loving and being ever desirous of building a conscious bridge to all aspects of our consciousness. In physical aspects as well as with the mental strata. The sub and unconsciousness are also merging/melding with us as we are with our Higher Self. For we go through these, in order to commune with our Higher Self.

And all of this is taking place as an orchestration from our Higher Self’s point of center, our Sacred Heart. And this is bringing back, once more, our Christ Consciousness, otherwise known as the Higher Mind. This is the 5th dimensional consciousness. This is the ascension from a consciousness perspective. The expansions and integration of all aspects of consciousness.

Our communing with our Divine aspect of ourselves is growing as we remove the blockages that we have created and “stored” within our sub and unconscious realms. And these clear just as easily with the sacred violet flame.

violet fire

When we meditate we may call forth through our Divine I Am Presence, the use of the violet flame to remove all that does not serve and is not our truth. All cause, core, effect and memory of what does not serve. Throughout all of our four lower bodies. The emotional, mental, etheric/astral and physical. And know that this violet flame when it transmutes all that does not serve, returns the elemental to its pure and natural divine state of light. And this Divine light is added to our causal body, never to be used for human miscreation, rather to bring perfection and light to any and all of Creation from henceforth.


While this “clearing” of these various mental realms takes place, we will be opening the door to communing more directly with other aspects of ourselves throughout Creation. Our multidimensional selves will be ever desirous of sharing aspects of themselves with us. And all of this, once more, is orchestrated through the Higher Self.

For the Higher Self is who allows these flows of communication to occur. Depending on our path/plan of growth, various guides always come forth to help us clarify what we are needing to experience and grow from in order to expand into more of who we are. All that we channel from within is given to us from and through our Higher Self.

Let us ever make the call to meld with All of who we are.

Beloved I Am Presence, I strive to ever expand and integrate all that you give me. Let us ever be melded and merged into the Oneness that we are, in this now moment. Make me ever aware of all communications that we have. Make me ever aware of all communications that take place, from within my entire Being. Help me to strengthen the bridge through love and compassion to my other consciousness. Let my sub and unconscious clearing take place that we may ever be together with the full illumination of our Divine Light and perfection. Let the veil be removed once and for all, in this now moment. And let this awareness in me be permanently established, for all eternity. That all here and now moments are ever expanded and merged within us in Oneness. In all adoration and divine love, I express this intent and decree it be so, now.

Be ever in recognition that we are always creating. And as this is so, always be ever creating divine expressions. Be the love that we are ever desirous of seeing expressed to ourselves. And the universe has no choice but to bring this reflection to us. Be not in resistance, for this only brings more of its kind. Be ever in appreciation and expansive and inclusive. Ever from the now.

Love from within, firstly. For the amount of love, we are able to give others is only “limited” by the amount of love we give to ourselves, firstly. And so, we must truly love ourselves from within completely in this now moment. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to love others in our complete and full expression of the now. From within, to the throughout.


As we clear the mental strata, we become our Light Bodies. We manifest them in our here and now moments. We then become the light we are ever desirous of being reflected back to us. And the universe, “gladly” brings this divine creation of our expression forth through more of its kind. We will inhabit and truly know our Light Language and Bodies more and more throughout the now. For this is our inherent birthright. As Divine expressions of All That Is.

Let these Divine Light reflections be ever magnified and expressed in our here and now. That we may find more and more ways of giving in true love. For the more opportunities we have to express our love, within and throughout the more we expand and ascend, within and throughout. The more our love reflects within and throughout Gaia, increasing her loving ascension as well throughout.

For I know who I am, in truth.

I know what I am, in truth.

And I know how I serve, in truth.

And I am free, now. Free, now. Free, now.


Much Blessings, Love, light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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