Cosmic Appreciation and Recognition

We are pleased to see the amount of progress that all are making through this transitional period. For many, this life constitutes the change of a human template while in physical embodiment. And that is a very brave and zealous experience to be undergoing. The newer generations are already coming in with their bodies prepared in advance for 5th dimensional expressions. However, many chose to be in embodiment while the transition occurs. Primarily, for the experience of going into higher expressions of density and dimensional experiences; while in embodiment. Much like being on the “roller-coaster” ride of the millennia.

As this provides for a very unique experience within the cosmos, at this time. For one to go from 3rd dimensional existence on to 4th dimensional and peering into 5th dimensional expressions more and more, is a very expansive experience to undergo, in one embodiment. Especially at the speed with which this one is occurring.


And as such, our guides have “stepped-up” their communions with us. As well as our other multidimensional expressions that are existing within our here and now moments. Most that are experiencing some form of contact these days, are really meeting expressions of their same Soul; on another plane of existence.
And these beloved aspects of ourselves have shared the realization that we are doing much more than we realize for the whole of Creation. For as we transmute and transcend all that does not serve and is not our truth, for ourselves, we also clear the path for our own multidimensional expressions.

Since all time is truly within our now moment of experience, we change our “future” as well as “past” selves by our heightened attainments as we raise our frequency. When we “strengthen” our selves from within, we cause a “ripple-pool” effect with our other expressions.


Just like when we drop a stone within a calm pool of water, we see this “higher-wave” ripple throughout the whole body of water. This is what effect we have on our other Divine expressions of our Soul, within our now moments. We increase their expressions through this “ripple-pool” we create, which increases ours. And the whole process reverberates in increasingly higher frequential and vibrational expressions. We ascend, not only, ourselves, we ascend all of Creation; through this “ripple-pool” effect.

This is how Gaia and we ascend together. This is how we assist Gaia. By doing our utmost to ascend gracefully, we bring forth an ascension that is accomplished in the most benevolent of ways. Both for ourselves and for Gaia. And this symbiotic relationship that we have always expressed through our planetary body, becomes Holy, once more. As we recognize that Gaia’s body and our body reflect the health, or lack thereof; that we are creating. Remember, from within we effect the without.

channel higher self

So, when we truly “heal” our fragmentated expressions into our inherent Oneness, once more. We will expand, yet furthermore, in Christ Consciousness. And our Sacred-Heart will, once more, direct our lives in an ever harmonious and peaceful expansion of perfection. As we bring in more of the Divine. As we meld into Oneness with our Divine expression. We expand into our light bodies and our inherent light language comes back.

As we align our true expression with all of our lower-bodies working in Oneness, we will increase in our ability to manifest. And the pace with which this occurs will quicken. As we are bringing back more of who we truly are. We recognize that we are ever deserving of ever more recognition and love for all that we are.

meditate 7
So, let us expand our Divine Love and Illumination through meditation.

Picture our Sacred-Heart beaming ever-brilliant white and golden light of Divine Love and Illumination in purity. Picture the ever-brilliant light having sparkles all throughout. From our heart-center this “globe” of light beams throughout our entire Being. Our cells, our DNA and our entire four lower-bodily structures are being bathed in a golden-white light with sparkles all throughout. Returning all that we are to the purity that Source gave us, originally.


We let this Divine Love and Illumination of purity course throughout the whole of our Being. As this occurs, we are ever in realization that we are activating more and more of our DNA. We are increasing our frequency and our vibrational experience. And as we increase these our reality is becoming more and more, malleable. And as such, we are able to “tune-into” the parallel reality that is of our liking. Where Oneness and Divine Love are ever expansive and integrative.

As we see this reality being so malleable, we realize that we are seeing our Being within this Divine flow. And we recognize that before us, directly ahead is our I Am Presence in all of its brilliance. The light we see reflecting from this Divine Being is so powerful, we but take little glimpses. As our Divine expression is before us, we form a tube of this golden-white glimmering light between our solar-plexus chakra and our I Am Presences solar-plexus chakra. And through this tube of light, we bring forth all of the joy, confidence, glory, healing, love, compassion, illumination, understanding and power necessary to bring about our Divine plan.

We maintain a state of being in awe and appreciation for communing with our Divine Self. We reflect the purity and harmony and peace we so desire, from our I Am presence. As we feel the power that our I Am presence emits that is causing us to match in frequency, and in likeness. For we realize this is truly, who we are. We thus, increase in wisdom and illumination, as we bathe in this Divine experience.

And from this state of Holy purity, we call forth all of our desires to assist the whole of humanity. We picture this state of purity being given to all of humanity through their own individual I Am presences. For we know at this level all are truly living in Oneness. And so, we know that all that we do from within this now moment, may be gifted to the whole of humanity.

And this causes us to call forth the Violet-flame of mercy to bathe all of our four lower-bodies from within, throughout and around the whole of these our bodies. As these violet-flame angels release all of our miscreation’s, back into purity. We gladly return these elementals to their natural and pure Divine state. And we thank them for showing us, what we are not.

violet flame angels

And we bring forth next, the color pink, and bathe our four lower-bodies from within, throughout and around our bodies, we are bathed in pink. Which signifies the self-love we are ever deserving of.

pink ray angels

And then we bathe in green throughout all of our four lower-bodies, to bring about the expression of love Divine, and truth.


Once more we make the call that all that we have done to our four lower-bodies, we request to be done with the whole of humanity; through their own individuated I Am presences.

And we bless all that have participated in the whole of our meditation. For we have called forth many angels and elementals to assist us throughout the entire process. For once more, we are working through Oneness with the other expressions that Source brought forth on our behalf. The Divine trinity of humans, elementals and angels bringing about the Divine plan. Send divine love to all that are attending our meditative school, as we know that our decrees are heard and felt through many that are living the experience with us, or through us.

For in reality, those that are aware of their ever present now moments, are sharing our expression for their own growth and understanding, as well as to share and magnify the Divine love. So, know how true the statement is, that you are never alone. There are many that are ever desirous of being within our energies. For we have many family throughout the cosmos. Let us welcome them with open arms, hearts and minds.


For the Divine has many mansions. And we are remembering that we love to sojourn to these mansions. We do so many times throughout the night, as we sleep. And now, the invitation is being extended to, once more, attend in our daily meditations.

Find the mansion that call to us and bring it forth. For the imagination is key to the higher realms. This is how we commune with our Divinity. When we call forth these experiences, we bring many family and guides into our reality. And we know, yet once more, we have always been with these. We have merely forgotten, for a minor period. Send love to all of these that have been patiently awaiting our return/remembrance.





In Oneness!

Eternal expressions of Divinity!

Manifest, here and now. Magnfiying the glory of Source through integration and expansion. Ascending, here and now; within, throughout and around beloved Gaia.

Extend an invitation for our guides to bring forth more awareness of themselves to us. And be ever in listening grace, as Mother Mary has taught us.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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