Higher Brainwaves

As we work to consciously integrate all that we have experienced, we change our cellular structure within our minds. We bring about more of our truth as Divine Spiritual Beings, having a physical experience. We bring back more communing with our Divine I Am Presence. And we bring about more synchronicity that perpetuates the process even further. Thus, we gain momentum as we awaken to the truth of the reality. And this is called expansion.


And this brings about the natural process of our Higher Self, re-introducing into our current memories and knowing, the fact that we are truly multidimensional beings. This means that we have aspects of ourselves that are throughout Creation at this very moment, as all time is now. And these other aspects of ourselves are birthed of our same Soul.

multidimensional self

In today’s time, we refer to these as “past lives” or “future lives.” And in reality, all of these are in existence in our current here and now. All of these are taking place simultaneously at once. And these aspects of ourselves are ever helping us, in our here and now.

And as this is an awakening process, we are assisted by aspects of our own Soul that have been awaiting these acknowledgements. We awaken to our own other aspects that exist in this here and now, moment, elsewhere within Creation through our advancements in consciousness. And as this unfolds, there is a bit of a coming together in a greater Oneness that takes place within us. As many aspects of the same Soul share and assist one another, throughout Creation, in various here and now moments.


And many that have had experiences with “other beings” in Creation are truly having a reunion with aspects of themselves that are existing in other dimensions, planets and realms throughout Creation. Many of these beings that begin communing with us approach us through the dream world, as this is more closely representative of the state of consciousness they function from.

And yet for us that are awakening, the ability to recall these interactions is somewhat difficult. Just like remembering a dream is sometimes very difficult, if not impossible. However, we are being told that when we expand our consciousness further, we too will function more from a higher gamma and beyond state and lower theta and delta state of consciousness. Rather than the beta or alpha states of consciousness we currently use throughout the day. And it is then that more and more of these memories are coming into our awareness.


And as we think about it, we all require sleep at this stage of development. And in our sleep state, we live time more realistically than in our waking state. We go back to all time being now, when we sleep. Rather than the “purposely” constructed linear time, we experience in the 3rd and 4th dimensional realms.

This is why when we dream, we can have such grand experiences that seem to take up allot of time. And yet, the experience is condensed in time. As the dream period of sleep, is very miniscule compared to the whole eight hours of down-time. Allot happens in that little amount of time, in other words.

Also, if we pay attention, we don’t really travel in space/time in the dream world. Unless it is germane to the context of the dream. We simply “appear” where we need to have the experience, in the dream. And then we appear elsewhere where the dream takes us. Even if it is not in the same space/time context. Going somewhere in space/time is not necessary in the dream world. We merely take our consciousness and dream-body where we need to have the experience, instantly.

Now the reason we need sleep, should help one to realize that we need to go back to the “true” reality for “breathers” or “breaks” from our schooling that occurs in the day. If we were able to not sleep and keep our “sanity” we would see the reality more reflective of what we experience in the dream world. Thus, we would automatically open or expand to more and higher states of consciousness.

And this is a state that we are growing into. This happens naturally and should not be “pushed” along. At this stage, sleep is a requirement for most. However, when we grow further in consciousness, sleep will be unnecessary. For we will be in the state of consciousness one is in, when sleeping today, all throughout our experience. We move beyond the alpha and beta states of frequency, into more of the gamma and theta states of frequency for greater and greater amounts of time. Without the desire coming forth that naturally puts us to sleep, today.


That being said, our celestial brothers and sisters, or cousins, if you will; have stated that about 90% of us have been contacted in some form or another, in today’s time. Yet, most of us have little or no recall of these interactions. And this is because many of these interactions occur through the dream world. And even those that occur in our awakened reality, take place in a consciousness frequency that we are used to being that is more representative of when we sleep. These Beings approach us from higher levels of consciousness, and we meet them halfway. Once more at the balance-point of both of our dimensional experiences. As this state is easier for those in higher states of consciousness to function from. We produce a middle-point of brain frequency that each can operate from. They lower their brainwaves and we raise ours.

It is difficult for these Beings that function in higher states of consciousness to “narrow” their focus of attention to the lower 4th dimensional realms of linear time. As this is a very narrow and focused state of being. Just like it is difficult for us to recall when we leave these “lower” focused dimensional realms, and enter expanded states of consciousness experiences we have at “higher” brainwave frequencies. And yet, we do have these experiences all of the time. With little or no conscious recognition of these in our daily “awakened” experience of consciousness.

dream world

The Ascended Host tell us that when we make an intent to go somewhere before we go to sleep, our etheric/astral bodies do go there. If they instruct us to be at Shamballa for a meeting, our etheric/astral bodies do respond and we do show up.

However, once more, primarily due to our current conditioning; we have a difficult time recalling these in our “awakened” consciousness. We have been conditioned to believe the reality is “only” the focused 4th dimensional experience we perceive from our lower-ego consciousness in our daily experience.

And we are told to disregard anything else that is beyond that. Such as dreams, visions and what society has termed sixth senses. When in truth, we “always” exist within many realms we choose not to acknowledge. We put our head in the sand, like the frightened ostrich.

Yet, when we make the conscious decision to leave the “mass consciousness” of society; we open to the truth of these realities. And eventually, and I believe rather quickly, this will cause the “mass consciousness” to evolve into accepting more of our inherent truth. For there will be no other choice, as more and more of us leave the “mass consciousness” behind. In order for us to achieve our intended Divine plan, we must push the truth of reality forward.

And as we proceed, these interactions will become more “open” and more will be partaking in these. And more will be recalling these various interactions that they’ve already had. And this too, is part of the ascension.

As we are in the inbreathe of this Cosmic day, we are bringing back the various pieces of the whole. We bring the fragments of consciousness back together. And this includes the recognition of other aspects of ourselves that are throughout Creation. We are reuniting with more of who we are.
The beauty the Divine expresses is endless and eternal. The beauty at the individual level is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

So, choose a meditative method you feel comfortable with, and consciously call forth more of the Divine in us. Ask our I Am Presence to bring back into our knowing from our akash, of our celestial family. Be in a loving state of grace as we await more of these “knowings” to be brought forth, once more.

We have been instructed that we must process and integrate our fears that we have created from our conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. This automatically raises our frequency. And we start living from these higher states of brainwaves. We begin living the gamma and higher states of brainwave frequency more fluidly. And our memories begin to function more fully while we are in these various states of being.


And then, our cosmic brothers and sisters will joyously interact with us. For they are awaiting the time that we can meet as equals. Not viewing them as the answer to our own problems. But viewing them as our extended family that is ever desirous of communing with us more and more. For they know that all the assistance they can provide, benefits the whole. And so, they too will benefit by this process as well. For our ancestors are to be recognized and honored. For we are our ancestors. We are those “others” having another expression and experience in the reality. In the ever occurring here and now moments of eternity.

When one loves Divinely, one loves all of Creation. For Divine Love is unconditional. And as we are growing in Divine Love, we naturally sound a calling that our other aspects of ourselves, hear. And these lovingly respond.

Be ever expansive and harmonious. Be ever peaceful and joyous. Be the state of being, we desire to be expressed back to us. And realize that here and now, we are multidimensional beings having a physical experience. Throughout the whole of Creation. All the way back to Source. All at once. In Love Divine.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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