The Law of Resonance

We are very much in a reality that is all about frequency. We know that there are numerous frequencies that exist, and in all reality; humans have a very limited scope of perceivable frequencies through the typical 5 senses. From the purview of sight and sound, we are within a very specific frequency range that is rather minuscule in comparison to the whole.

However, through our multidimensional-self we actually can and do pick-up these other frequencies. These frequencies tend to come through from our subtle-bodies. The etheric, astral, mental and emotional as well as light-bodies. All of these are our tools that we are expanding and developing at this time. Since we are primarily in a 4th and 5th dimensional realm, anymore.

balance of light and dark
Mirrors in Our Reality

And much like the example of a musical instruments string vibrating in resonance with another string that has been plucked, we are very similar. We each have a frequency that we emit, based on our beliefs and our desires. And as we are really beacons of frequency, as beings, we are attracting those of similar frequency or resonance. Through the law of resonance, we attract those that are similar in vibrational frequency into our reality as we are emitting.

As such, the reality is truly about studying what is being mirrored to us in our reality. And paying attention to what is being brought forth to us. As these are being brought forth into our realm so that we can realize what we are actually attracting by the law of resonance.

emotional spirals
Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is also what is brought forth in the law of cause and effect. Or in other words, karma. What one puts out, is what one gets. This is another perception of the law of resonance. If we choose to perceive the reflection of divine love, we must be the divine love, firstly within. As we are the one that emits a frequency that then brings forth more of its kind into our reality. This is known as the law of attraction, by many.

And this law of attraction works in both the positive and negative state. So, if we see more negativity being brought into our reality it is our own focus that must change. For the only way to change the course of events unfolding, is to become the “state of being” we desire foremost. This being done within, firstly. And then expressed without our reality when we live in accord with our desired state of being. Then we will begin to see the reality reflect more of this chosen state into our being, through external sources. And this is the complete circle of manifestation in our reality.

Once more, to be the state of being, within. And then express this state of being throughout our reality. And then we will see the universe reflect this exact state of being throughout our realities, from without.

As within, so without

Since the whole of the reality at this level is a mirror of our creations. Through emotions, thoughts and actions; we see all that we believe and resonate with brought forth for us to experience, learn from, transmute and transcend as well as to discern. And as we have these experiences brought to us through our various reflections, we begin to realize what we have chosen to live as our truth.

And we all choose to live through the law of least resistance. We all will choose a path that we each believe is the path of least resistance. Or, in other words, we choose the easiest route, be default. Or, so we think?

And yet, our paths continuously demonstrate that we have chosen a route that is not the easiest. And this is what shows us that we have conflicting belief systems. For if our beliefs where harmonious, we would not experience the “difficulties” that are reflected to us in our realities. We would not necessarily need to see negative reflections, to get us to change.

And this means that we need to be harmonious and in divine love beginning from within. So that the reality can reflect the harmony and divine love that we desire to experience without. When we are in the state we desire to see expressed in our reality, the universe has no choice but to comply. For we are operating through the law of resonance. Thus, as within so without.

above below
As above, so below

Our planet, solar system, galaxy and universe are increasing in frequency. In this part of the galaxy that we are in, the benevolent energies are ever-present. As at this level of creation, what is harmonious and truthful is being brought forth.

This new radiation that we are moving more and more into, is a blessing for us all. For this benevolent physics, is evolving us into more of who we are. Through bringing about, or activating more of our DNA. The radiations that are brought forth, will bring us into a state of being in which we are able to reach higher into the realms of “light” and “knowing.”

While the darker energies are either transmuting and transcending as we all are or moving to another part of the universe that is more in line with their desired frequencies.

And this is changing us, within and without; as well as above and below.


Since we are bringing about more of our multidimensionality, we are bringing about remembrances and knowing from more of our divine self. We are communing more and more with our Higher Self. We are recognizing that frequency and energies that are all about us, are to be re-learned. Or, remembered.

As we increase in these energies and through the use of these energies, we will begin to experience more that is non-linear time. For the truth is that time is not linear, it is more of a circle/spiral. Thus, the expression; history repeats itself. For we are given numerous times to take the course over, if we are unsuccessful the first go-around. We can be assured that the lesson will be coming back, until we succeed.

Many will begin to experience more déjà vu. Or the recalling/remembering that what one is going through has already been lived through. And some of the experiences that we go through will transpire within, firstly. And then the experience will actually be experienced in the reality, a little later. We will see things coming forth into our reality at a future point. As if we were waiting for when the experience would transpire from our state of knowing. In short, we will perceive time more circular. Not being entirely sure, which aspect came first into our reality.

Living in the now

The previous reality was one in which we believed that we learned or grew from past experiences. We always went to our past, in order to determine our future. However, these ways are from the older energy. From the previous part of the galaxy that we have been going through. And they are no longer applicable. And those that cannot get beyond these, are changing their schooling to a different location in creation.

We are living from our eternal “now moments” in this new energy. The past is changing to “reflect” our increase in frequency and consciousness. And this includes our memories of the past. For when we switch into higher frequency and time-lines, we also change our “past,” in order to reflect the new and higher frequency and time-lines.

We are beginning to recognize the power we have in our now moments. When we operate from our “now” time, we increase in our ability to commune with our own Higher Self. And this is the only “teacher” we need. For our own Higher Self is already in the “know” in the “now.”

All of me in the now

When we go throughout our day, we find that at times we meander in thoughts of the past and the future. We reflect on past experiences, some of which are relived in our own minds. And then we contemplate our future and where we desire it be.

And in short, we have dispersed and divested so much of our energies doing these kinds of things. For in truth, there are aspects of ourselves that literally do go to these realms in the past or the future as we think on them. We then have much less of ourselves available to create from our now moments.

Thus, when we go into meditation, we need to first bring about all aspects of ourselves that we have sent all throughout the time-space continuum. Simply begin the process of meditation by calling back all aspects of ourselves that have been sent out through our thoughts and emotions. Then we may begin to act in our full power of now moments, more from our inherent knowing. We bring in more of our divinity. We channel more of Higher Mind. We may then operate more from our whole being.

Let us ever be in the now, in the knowing. Let us be the reflections we desire to bring about into our reality. From within to without. As above, so below. We are becoming more of who we are. We are activating more of our consciousness, DNA and Light Body. We are transcending the negative reflections of our 3rd and 4th dimensional realms. As we return to Oneness. We are each gaining in our abilities to commune and perceive the reality from the “new” Unity Consciousness.

Our abilities to intuit through our higher-senses is coming back rather quickly. We are each responding through telepathic sensing and knowing more and more. This we can see taking place all around us. Even with those that are still in a state of sleeping/awakening, are coming into these abilities. For the whole of Gaia is ascending.

Let us be the Ascended Host’s strength where we reside. Let us be the state of being we desire to see expressed in our reality. For then, we will be fulfilling our divine plan. By being the living example of truth. In Oneness and Divine Love. In Compassion and Mercy. In Sovereignty and Freedom. In the Eternal Now, in Eternal Knowing.

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Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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