Guardian Spirits – Remember!

Many of us have heard of the term, spirit guide. And these are beings that have agreed to assist us while we are incarnated, although they do not incarnate simultaneously; usually. However, Guardian Spirits are those that have come into incarnational experience/expressions to assist Gaia and humanity; from other planets/realms that have already been through ascension process themselves.

These are those that have purposely “dawned” a human incarnational experience, at this time. Though, they are from other planets/realms, they have purposely come to assist humanity and Gaia in their ascension. As a result of “already” having done this before, their energies are greatly assisting those that are choosing to ascend; as well as Gaia.

And these ones must “face” all of the challenges that all of humanity must go through. According to the rules, humans themselves, setup for this particular reality. Thus, they too had to “dawn” the “band of forgetfulness.” So, when they arrived, they too had to remember/learn their purpose for being here. And then those that successfully began “recalling” had to “grow” into their assignments.

As humanity has always had assistance in their incarnational experience, by spirit guides, these too have been assisted by their “stellar-family.” Many, had “agreed” upon being “awakened” at, or by, a certain time. So, their “stellar-family” assisted in expanding their awareness and consciousness at a particular chosen “time.” And yet, these too, had to be “convinced” of the “greater” reality and truth; as they awoke. Just like all of humanity.

And this process has, by in large, succeeded.
The newer generation that is being born today is truly a “new” human. As we transition into the next level of growth/evolution. And we bring about the next human “root-race.” And these ones will have much less of an issue with “recollection.” As these ones are being brought into an increased/increasing vibrational expression of Gaia. In other words, these ones are “born” already within the higher dimensional realms. So, they are less prone to the “band of forgetfulness.” Their higher frequency is inherently brought forth, in this higher expression of Gaia.

Those that were the “trailblazers” came at time when this process of remembering/learning was still necessary. For Gaia, was still entrenched in the lower-to-mid 4th dimensional realm. So, these ones have had an incarnational experience in which transcending and transmutation where necessary. In order to truly awaken and “remember” their true reason for incarnating.

As these “trailblazers” set the path for others, these others had an “easier” time. As more and more of their experiences were established in Gaia’s crystalline-matrix, others could more easily draw on these experiences for their own benefit. And as these ones really began to “share” their experiences with others. These others then, could more readily accept their own unique experiences as being “legitimate.” And this saves these latter ones much “time” in convincing them of their truth of their remembering.

Most who are “tuning-into” these writings are those that have been the “trailblazers.” And these can also attest to these occurrences. As “back-in-the-day” there was no “internet” to go “google” or “youtube” to go query for videos. So, getting the “word” out was somewhat slower. Also, we quickly forget how, we didn’t each walk around with phones attached to our pockets or purses.

Now, we are beginning the next “phase” of the ascension. And in this phase, we are “trailblazing” the path to remembering/recalling our voyages at night on board these many craft that are already 5th dimensional expressions and beyond. Since the reality is one of “fractals” we are somewhat repeating what we have already done, here on Earth. How so?

Well, we had to “grow” into remembering why we incarnated here. And we successfully did this. Now, we have to “grow” into establishing our memories from the 5th dimensional realms and beyond that we each experience, on board these ships, into our current state of being we experience throughout the “waking” day. Which as a planetary body, Gaia and humanities’ “group consciousness” is still within the lower-to-mid 4th dimensional/density. So, we must bring these occurrences and memories to this level of frequency/dimensional experience. As all guardian spirits are ever going to these realms for updates and enhancements on the progress/process we are all creating, together.

This is the next aspect of reality that we are “solidifying” into our reality. Our ability to bring these experiences into “every-day” consciousness. With “full” recollection of what transpires in these higher dimensional experiences. And as we succeed in this endeavor, we bring about the ascension.

As we successfully “recalled” our reason for being here. Likewise, we will successfully establish a “conscious” path to bringing these occurrences forth through our “waking” memory/consciousness. This is establishing the “bridge” to these ascended realms. Since we are already communing in these realities, within our nightly, now moments. Our task, at hand, is to bring forward the “recollections” of these sojourns at night.

Many of us have allot that takes place at night. For when we “leave” our 4th dimensional realities when we “sleep” we also leave the time/space reality. This is why/how so much takes place at night. We are in the “truth” of the timelessness of the 5th dimensional realms and beyond. Even at the higher 4th dimensional realms, time is not “linear.” Time is truly, very “malleable.”

This is why/how we can “heal” or bodies of the previous days experience. And we can “teach” in the etheric realms. And then we attend our various “meetings” and “discussions” with our stellar-family. As well as “meet” with the Ascended Host, in retreats throughout the aura of Gaia. And then, we review various “potentials” of experience for the “next” day. And we choose the experience/potential that we resonate with as our chosen “future” day experience. And lastly, we try our best to “translate” 5th dimensional concepts and experiences into various “symbolism” for our “dreams” as we sleep. In order to assist our ego consciousness.

And All of these, easily take place within the 5th dimensional realms of here and now. “Timelessness” and “space-less,” saves much travel time; as well as provides us with ample experiences; without the constraints of time. This is why, in our recollection of what we dream, these dreams are expressions of experiences that “jump” from one experience to the next; without the “need” to travel there. Much less, the time it would take to “live” these experiences, “linearly.”

As we have been doing these type of “sojourns” all of our incarnational life, we are really only working on the ability to “recall” these experiential expressions. And as Gaia and humanity ascend, these get easier and easier to bring forth in our waking recollections. For our realities of our “night-life” and our “day-life” our merging, in frequency/vibration. And as they get closer and closer in frequency/vibration, we “grow” into our ability to recall these experiences. More and more, easily.

Remember – Guardian Spirits. We are entrenched in “active-duty.” And yet, ours is an “active-duty” of Love Divine. We are “actively” and “lovingly” bringing the freedom that Gaia and humanity truly deserves. And this “freedom” is beyond the 3D/4D notion of being free. As the higher dimensional realms of 4th and beyond are “true” freedom. Freedom at, and on, ALL levels.

True freedom stems from the within to the without. We become free, firstly within. As we “freely” bring back more of who we truly are.

I Know Who I Am, in Truth.

I Know What I Am, in Truth.

I Know How I Serve, in Truth.

I Am Here Now. I Am Here Now. I Am Here Now.

This is the statement that only our Divine I Am Presence can make. And as we “invoke” this truth of our Higher Self, we are harmoniously agreeing to working in tandem with our Higher Self. Our Higher Self, knows this “call.” And has been waiting for this. As we recognize the only true “need” we each have. To establish as solid of a connection as we can to our Divine Being. To meld into the Oneness of our Divine Expression. Ever from our eternal here and now, moments.

Ironic and paradoxical. We must “master” our memory/recall, only to eventually leave our need for memory. For in the 5th dimensional realm, all is bound by synchronicity. And as we function from our Sacred Heart-Center, or Higher Heart, we live in the state of “knowing.” And in this state of “knowing” we need not concern ourselves with “memory.” As we function through synchronicity, we are ever at the perfect place at the perfect time. With the perfect group of synchronistic people. Furthering, perfection.

As we KNOW that we will ever “know” what we need to know, when we need to know it. And this “replaces” our memory. All in good time.

Much like we are “mastering” time, only to give up the need for “time” in the 5th dimensional realm and beyond.

When these “paradoxes” are truly understood, we have been successful at integrating our lesson/knowing.

Be joyous! Our ascension is occurring in the grandest, yet most benevolent ways. As our joy of service grows, we embody the “title” Guardian Spirits. Ascending another planetary body. And this time, while in embodiment; throughout the whole of the process. In order to bring “Freedom’s Holy Star” into Her Glory. In order to have the joy/service of being an ascended Human on Gaia’s ascended planetary body. Ever at the perfect place, at the perfect time; which is always, now!

path of ascension

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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